Meta Bates

Meta's proven methodology for home sales strives for obtaining the most money, in the least amount of time with the fewest hassles for the Seller.


This is Peggy! She is your cousin's daughter who got her Real Estate License last month. She wants to sell your house! Isn't she cute?!

For Example, did you know:

  • a buyer has more ways to get out of a sales contract than a seller?

  • a buyer can offer a lot of money to buy your home, you pick their offer out of many you received & they can get out of paying you that offered price!? They can get out of the entire contract,  walk away with their earnest money & be held harmless?

  • depending on the financing of the offer to purchase your home, YOU could be responsible for some of the buyer's closing costs?

Austin is currently experiencing a "Seller's Market". Basically this means a Monkey could place a sign in your yard & get an offer on your home. There is nothing too extraordinary about obtaining an offer in this market.

HOWEVER, possessing the knowledge & expertise of complex contract elements, financing, combined years of dealing with all the pitfalls that can lie ahead for a seller are huge elements to a Real Estate transaction.