I developed this method of Open House back in '07 when our Real Estate Market was tough and it has served my clients well over the years. If you live in a larger neighborhood with other homes for sale, I pull all the homes for sale that are priced HIGHER than yours, invite all the listing agents of those homes to participate in a Neighborhood Wide Open House, I create maps of the Open Houses with the map pick up at YOUR home. 

I knock on the doors of your neighbors in advance, so they will know when we will be Open in the event they have friends/family who might be interested in the neighborhood.

With all the other agents posting their Open Houses and the bonus of all their signs as well, I typically can drive many more buyers through your home! It takes a little longer to put together, but this is also something I like to do the first weekend we are on the market.

Keeping a sharp eye on the market conditions up to & inclusive of the day we go "live" on the market is PARAMOUNT. This is one of the most important elements of the marketing of your home. I refer to this as catching the perfect wave. Overpricing is the kiss of death. Hitting the "sweet spot" makes all the difference in an ever changing market.

​Looking Sharp!

Professional Photography

​Meta's Marketing of your Home

(Not just a sign in the yard!)

Meta Bates

Prospective buyers actually choose to visit your home in person based on the photos that I use to market your home with. There are only 3 photographers in Austin (as of now) that implement the type of photography I like to use. This method takes longer to shoot, but is so worth it. The detail that these photos reveal is one of the reason my punch list of make ready is so important. When the situation calls for it, I will also hire someone to perform Aerial photographs. I schedule the photo shoots around your home's readiness as well as the weather. Between the Weather and Market conditions, I am working on the marketing of your home long before we go "live". 


I create a comprehensive punch list for "make ready" prior to professional photos being ordered.This is a very frank "to do" list to help your home look its best to sell. I create this in punch list format to be printed out and checked off as items are completed. Never meant to offend, but the list is pragmatic and to the point. I will not hire my photographer until all is ready to go.

Neighborhood Wide Open House