I tell people, "Leasing in Austin is like Musical Chairs in a rotating room". Having a method to this madness makes the difference between getting what the tenant WANTS and what is left. 

Here is my method:

We will need to collect the following information PRIOR to going out to look at lease properties. (If we wait to get it together until AFTER we have seen a place, the great places will be gone while you do so & we have wasted valuable time.)

  • Completed lease application I will send this to you and any other person over the age of 18 who will be living in the property. This can be done electronically. Be sure it is filled out COMPLETELY.(.be sure there are accurate names, dates, phone numbers and dollar amounts filled in). 

  • Copy of your photo ID (it is OK if is not from Texas, by law it will be required of anyone pulling your credit and criminal reports.
  • Proof of income. If you are moving to Austin, be sure that you have a copy of your new employer's letter of intent. If you are moving to Austin and have no job lined up, be prepared to pay as much as 6 months rent in advance. We have 152 people a day moving to Austin and landlords can afford to be picky.
  • A family photo of you, the kids, Peppa, the family dog..I like to include these in a letter of introduction along with all the above.

At the same time you are collecting these items to send to me (electronically to META@kw.com) I will set you up with a search of properties that fit the criteria you and I have established..(Minimum number of bedrooms, MAXIMUM dollar amount you can spend, pets, area of Austin etc.) this creates a "net" of possible places. If you find something on Zillow, Trulia, Cragislist and it is not in the MLS..that means it is not available. What I set you up on is THE MOST UP TO THE MINUTE place for listings. You will be able to identify the properties you like and I will pull our showings based on your list.

  • I will typically not show any more than 5 properties at a time.

  • If you are able to drive by the properties you have identified first, that can MANY times already eliminate some from your list so that we don't waste any time and really look at the best 5 for you.


Meta Bates