Meta is one of very few designated  "Texas Affordable Housing Specialist"* (see "About" section of site)  in the Austin area. "Affordable Housing" does not mean "housing for folks that are financially challenged" Affordable Housing Specialist means the ability to  help direct you for financing that will benefit you. There are programs for first time home buyers (which even includes folks who actually HAVE owned homes before)..for Teachers, Doctors, Police, Veterans. Aligning yourself first, with an appropriate program will mean a whole lot more in the long run. Having a clear plan of what money to use & how to use it is our very first step.

This subject is so very detailed, and the amount of information so profuse, it is better to just speak with me about this first and allow me to send you information that pertains to you and your situation directly.

Here are just a few links if you are eager to learn more:

 Austin is not as much a "seller's Market" as it had been. The market has adjusted a touch to be more of a level playing field for both buyer and seller.

Meta is a Certified Negotiations Expert, was part of the Master Faculty at Keller Williams Realty for more than 8 years- prior to switching to PURE REALTY. Contracts is Meta's Favorite Subject to teach.

There is far more to an offer than just the price. Knowing the best way to write a contract and the detailed elements involved might very well make the winning difference between your offer and the other 12 that may also be presented to the seller.

Meta Bates